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Double your Closing Rate in 45 Days Guaranteed


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Results we have seen with clients

$1,000,000 in solar sales in first 90 days Our client used our SumoQuote Setup to do $1,000,000 in solar sales in their first 90 days. This is an amazing feat and we are so proud of our clients for their success!  
$460,000 in first month Our client who used the SumoQuote Setup sold an impressive $460,000 in his first month! This is an incredible accomplishment, especially for someone who had never done sales before and was just applying for a job as a laborer. This goes to show the power of our setup and how it can help anyone achieve success in sales!  
25% More Siding Sales

A client who used our SumoQuote Setup saw a 25% increase in siding sales. The increased accuracy, transparency, and simplified color selection process likely led to more confidence from potential customers, which ultimately resulted in more sales.



Past Clients of RBP: